There is no room for negativity on this blog because I am a very open and honest person who just wants the world to be a kind and loving place. My name is Cassie Anderson and I am a finance graduate from Liverpool in the UK and I have decided to start this blog to open up a friendly and safe platform for people to feel joy and comfort from. 

My blog is going to discuss finance, lifestyle, and fitness advice that should help people to live happy and fulfilling life. You see these are the three things that are the main components of my life. I feel that organising your finances means that you are always stable, focusing on living a fab lifestyle brings you happiness, and fitness is amazing for your physical and mental health.

I hope to meet some people through this blog that share my interests and can also help me to give some fab tips to anyone who is looking for a new perspective in life. I really enjoy writing so thank you for clicking onto my blog and taking an interest in my content.