3 Reasons Why We Should Take Out a Bank Loan

A private individual or a business might require a bank loan and it is worth shopping around to find the best rate. Otherwise, long term, your finances will be greater affected. The cheaper the finance we can obtain, the better we can have that money we have borrowed work for us. That is, the more it is effectively worth to us.

So, before we tie ourselves up in more words rather than figures, let us consider some reasons why we might take out a bank loan to help us fund either a business or a more luxurious lifestyle.

Cash Flow

Improving cash flow is the number one reason why a business will take out a bank loan. They will have the cash they need eventually but just do not have it right now, to perhaps purchase more goods for resale. This can be because their customers are given credit and so it will be a long time until they are paid, or because of seasonal fluctuations and varying demands. If you are a business with either of these issues, a bank loan represents the perfect way to keep a business running and to continue to pay staff during lean times or where money is tied up.

A short to medium-term bank loan can mean the difference between a business surviving or not. Collateral and the ability of the lender to repay the loan in the future will determine whether the money is loaned or not. Credit ratings will likely affect the decision. Unsecured loans can be obtainable from alternative sources.

Different periods for bank loans can be obtained to suit the needs of individuals making investments and businesses making larger purchases that will then form a part of their asset register.

Car Loan

We will sometimes take out a loan to purchase a vehicle. However, the amount we may need to personally take out can vary potentially depending on factors such as the invoice price or the price you can negotiate with a dealer. Also, this can be whether we are a business looking to perhaps buy a fleet of vehicles or a private individual looking for a more reliable or sportier car. Finance can come as part of the package of buying a vehicle and be arranged through the garage where the vehicle or vehicles are purchased. However, it may work out cheaper to arrange a bank loan to buy outright. It does all depend on loan rates, which can be compared against one another to work out which rate is most competitive.

You should always bear in mind that every vehicle, except for a classic car that is well looked after, will depreciate. So, as soon as a new car leaves the forecourt, for example, it will immediately be worth considerably less money than you paid for it. On top of this, there might be the finance that you pay, increasing the overall cost of the car to you. For this reason, many people will prefer to buy second-hand, so as not to lose so much money so soon after purchase. A very wise purchase often proves to be a car that is just a few years old. Any faults will have come to light and you will not have the immediate depreciation effect of it only recently having left the forecourt.

Buying a second-hand car or vehicle might well be when you opt for the bank loan instead of one arranged by the garage where you buy the vehicle from. That is if it works out cheaper, of course.


When we have a family, it is hard to save much money. This does not leave us anything for the holiday that we want our children to enjoy while they are still children. The solution is to take out a bank loan for that holiday of a lifetime and enjoy it now. As long as you know that you can afford to pay back the loan that might have taken you just too long to save up for otherwise.

The drawback of bank loans to pay for holidays is that once you have had the holiday it is then not much fun having to keep up the repayments with no holiday to look forward to. So, for the sake of that, it might be your preferred option to simply save up until you can afford the full cost of the holiday. As long as that is not going to be too long. Perhaps family could help in the short term. That might, at least, lessen the amount you need to borrow.

The only disadvantage of bank loans is that it can take weeks from the time you apply for a loan to the time it is funded. It might work if you plan to take it for a vacation. However, it can be a problem for real estate companies that require a quick turnaround. Since each piece of real estate is distinct, sellers may receive multiple competing offers. Being able to make a quick payment could mean the difference between getting the property or losing it. The lenders who specialize in colorado hard money loans, on the other hand, can approve and fund loans in as little as seven to eight days. So, if you need an instant loan to buy a house or something, a hard money loan may be an option to consider.

In conclusion, we might have personal loans and bank loans but it amounts to the same thing as to why we need them. In business, we simply do not have the cash to purchase things at the time when they are needed to keep a business functioning, and as a private individual, want to buy the item now rather than wait until we have saved up enough money in the future. In the case of a car, it can be vital that we have one that is reliable for commuting to work. A holiday is something that helps us to relax and so a good thing mentally. Therefore, not something to put off until we can afford the full cost of it, necessarily.